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Who's Right to Write Your Resume

The typical job hunter will face a whole array of experts eager to help you look for a job - and experts include resume writers. But is there anything a job seeker can do to make sure that the writer you choose will do a good job? Is it possible to determine what you will find behind the listings of such services?

There is much more a job seeker can do than choosing and buying a service randomly. Making the right choice, however, requires knowledge, diligence and some patience. Here are a few tips gathered from eleven years of experience as a professional writer on what to avoid and what to focus on if you are interested in getting professional assistance in preparing your resume.

Before starting a search for a service to help with a resume, you should know what you want: writing and advice or simple typing. Typing services and copy shops often offer "resume services." What they usually do, however, is to print on nice stationery a resume that has already been written. For some people, having a resume typed is a convenience if they are short on time. But if you have time, and are determined to get a professional resume, you can benefit from the knowledge of a resume writer. Professionalism in this industry begins with understanding that the key to an outstanding resume is content, organization and the marketing strategy behind it. This requires expertise and this is what you pay for when hiring a writer.

To check whether a resume service is a copy shop or a professional writing service, ask whether they can write your resume from scratch. If the answer is anything less than an immediate and unqualified "Yes," move on to the next listing. "There are resume writing services in every state and metropolitan area," says Simon Williams, director of "We list more than 700 writers in the U.S. Some people drive further to job interviews than they are willing to drive to meet with a writer. The difference is that you visit a resume writer twice, but you drive to work every day. Invest some time in getting off on the right foot. A 30-mile trip could save a month of job search time."

Once you have located a resume writing service, make an appointment for a free initial consultation. This - unless you eventually decide to hire the writer for the job - leaves one free from any financial obligation. Meeting the writer should be an important part of the search, because a personal meeting can offer the opportunity of having a thorough look at the following issues.

First, find out whether the resume writer has real writing experience. Try to ascertain that the writer's expert status is derived directly from writing resumes. Some experts present their exposure to human resources as their primary source of credential, but be aware of the fact that there is a night-and-day difference between writing resumes and reading resumes. Should you avoid hiring someone with a human resource background? Absolutely not! It's just hard to find a direct connection between human resource management experience and the ability to write effective resumes.

In a resume writer's office examine samples. Look for a persuasive quality. Anybody in any business knows: persuasion sells. No matter how shy and timid someone is when it comes to career accomplishments, with the client's help, a good resume writer should be able to find ways to describe skills and accomplishments in a convincing way.

Persuasion, however, also means proper organization of the text, as well as an appropriate design and a clever marketing strategy. Ask the writer to explain how this strategy relates to the choice of design and organization used with the samples.

See whether the writer is someone who can foster a good working relationship. Preparing a resume is a collaborative and cooperative effort: a good writer, who is always a good listener, will match his or her resume expertise with a your unequaled understanding of your own skills and abilities. In selecting the resume writer one can cooperate with, also consider that the writer should never try to talk a client into doing something with which they are uncomfortable. Rely on instincts, and find a comfortable fit.

"It's very common for people to come to me after they have engaged services on on the Internet," says Dan Franklin, M.A. Senior Writer at A Better Resume Service in Chicago. "Unfortunately, when there is a problem, long-distance purchasers have no recourse. For example, what if someone doesn't return your calls or fails to deliver? You're not going to get in your car and drive 500 miles. A local writer provides a better service because of personal responsibility and a desire to maintain a positive reputation in the community."

Make sure that future updating is available. Writers will charge you for these changes, but it is a fraction of what you paid for the original resume. It is also an inexpensive way to be sure the resume is always keeps up with the latest trends. Well established resume services with long track records are more likely to be in business when it's time to update your resume.

When it comes to prices, it's important to understand that professional services charge professional fees, and as a general rule, you get what you pay for. However, you cannot assume that spending more necessarily gets you a better resume. One of the best organizations I know of has fees ranging from $100 to $350 for services ranging from editing to writing, and the worst resume service I have ever seen starts at $300. One thing you can be sure of is that the lowest price is rarely a bargain in the long run. There can be a high long-term cost of looking for work with the cheapest resume you can buy. The cheapest services are usually typists or copy shops, although - as I indicated - they rarely describe themselves that way. All in all, consider this when making a decision about the price you are willing to pay: would you rather spend less and spend weeks sitting out in the cold, or spend a little more and quickly achieve your goal?

Finally, consider something that will leave both you and a professional writer satisfied after you made your choice: trust the resume writer you have hired. It's perfectly natural to seek out friends, relatives and significant others for feedback and approval on your new resume. However, keep in mind that people who are not in this business are often wellsprings of misinformation concerning job search strategy and resume writing.

Calling your writer a couple of days later with changes suggested by your English teacher, your friend the human resource staffer, or someone who just got hired is not the best way to react to such pieces of advice. Your writer has many years of experience and has spent many hours putting together your resume. Your writer's decisions should be considered more relevant than a comment made on the first glance. If you are determined to suggest some change, give your writer a chance to explain why your resume was written in a certain way.

If you have the qualifications and the drive to do the job, a professional writer can increase the chance that in reasonable time you'll have the opportunity to demonstrate your qualifications and drive at a personal interview.

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You can be the perfect interviewer, you can sell anyone on your value, but you will not have the chance unless the resume you have gets you in the door. In today's competitive market and with changes in electronic distribution and processing, you can help forward your career by enlisting the assistance of a professional resume writer. To follow are some suggestions for making the right choice.

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